The candymole is a crisp, crunchy piece of moleflesh that has been roasted in a thick coating of honey, and is considered a treat in the Kaiantoran city of Anak, where it has become very popular among lower class and upper class rats both. So popular, in fact, that it's essentially replaced biscuits, muffins and other snacks for those rats who participate in a daily teatime, and has made the apparent inventor, a butcher named Marina, quite the wealthy ratess.

Candymoles are made from the corpses of moles that were either executed by the Anaki Ratguard, or possibly acquired by Marina through more nefarious means. Many moles live as slaves or peasants in Kaiantor, and most rats in a position of power could care less if a few of those moles went missing.

Marina seems to have ties with the Ratguard regarding most executed creatures, and first dibs on the bodies in exchange for some more sligs in the guards' pockets.

Lord Montrigo Agrapulia is one such lover of the treat, and has a candymole regularly with his tea.