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Qa daqad qa gaazin qu shuul. ("Loyalty, Courage, Victory.")

The Suulud of Talqe, often corrupted to Dalkweyn or Talquane in Commonish, is a large, but not very prosperous or powerful nation located in Aianar's Zabel desert, made up mostly of stormswept plains and yawning canyons, with its denizens few and far between. It is rumored to be led by a ground bear known as the Shulul, but so far, not a soul in living memory seems to have truly seen this bear and left Talqe to tell about it.
Instead, Talqe publically seems to be led by a junta of warrior lords called Viiqar. Talqe is, after all, intensely militaristic despite its relatively low amount of people compared to other countries. Every desert dweller owns their own weapon, and is expected to rise up, unite, and battle Talqe's enemies at a moment's notice. Failure to do so resulted in immediate execution for cowardice.

Note: Contrary to some renditions of the map of Aianar, Dalkweyn is not in the North of Aianar, instead being in the place of Lurra, and vice-versa.