Giorra is a country on the continent of Aianar, and a republic led by a Magistrate elected by the people. Giorra is a pleasant land of fields, forests and streams, and populated largely by hares, rabbits, mice, squirrels, shrews, and voles. Giorra also has a strong predatory bird presence, birds whom Giorra's Magistrate have often hired to support their armies by air.

Giorra, being almost entirely populated by vegetarian rabbits and hares, despises countries with large carnivore populations, and has been known to make sweeps of the land to catch any carnivores that might have entered Giorra in order to imprison, and eventually execute or ransom them. Giorra has strong ties with other vegeterian-ruled countries, however, and has pledged to defend them against carnivorous enemies- but not one another.

Theatre and eating are popular pastimes upon Giorra, as are lapine mating rituals and tourney combat.