"Kiandor's for everyone- provided 'everyone' happens to be wealthy, pureblooded, and something ratty."
- Isobel

Kaiantor, sometimes spelled Kiandor, is a country upon the continent of Aianar, and ruled by the gray rat family whose ancestors conquered it many centuries ago. As of FE 21, the gray rat on the throne is a male by the name of Sligvere, son of Slygvorn of the House of Graycrown.
It is Sligvere who makes the laws that oppress non-rats in his kingdom, and Sligvere who publically voiced his family's opinion that rats are a species superior in intelligence to any other on Aianar. He cherishes rat culture, and has attempted to reintroduce the ancient language of Poruugan in hopes of replacing the Common Tongue most of his country speaks.


Kaiantor was once the seat of the Fourth Kaiantoran Empire, until all to the very last of its holdings rebelled or were seized and the Empire was broken apart; only Kaiantor was left still standing. Despite its enemies' best efforts, Kaiantor lived on.
Slygvorn died at Vinezmer Isle, during the battle he took part in in an attempt to keep it under Kaiantoran control. Sligvere, who defended Kaiantor during the final battle in which Asckon and its allies attempted to take Kaiantor itself and managed to keep Kaiantor secure, declared himself King of Kaiantor the day he learned of his father's death; soon after, he declared the coming of the Fifth Kaiantoran Empire to his inner circle of power, with himself as its emperor. He swore vengeance against those who sought to destroy Kaiantor, and began building the armies and fleets of his country back up in preparation for the day Kaiantor would rule the world again.

Sligvere has a daughter who is heir due to killing the rest of her siblings, a more extreme take on the traditional killing of older siblings in order to secure one's place in the family pecking order.

Sligs are the currency of Kaiantor, a sort of colloquialism for the fact that most Emperors and Empresses stamped on the coins have "Slig" or some variation of it in their name.