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Marina was a female rat citizen of Anak, and a butcher well-learned in the ways of survival in Kaiantor. She ran a stall in the Red Market District of Anak, where she often sold fresh seafood and a wide variety of exotic meats to anyone interested in paying. She also supplied multiple organizations, including the Anaki Ratguard, with fish, and had ties with Anak's Chief Executioner, who supplied her with the flesh of executed prisoners for a fee. In this capacity, Marina took extra precautions to ensure that her business was done within the realms of legality.


Life in Anak

Her early life is not well-documented, which is quite different to the fame she achieved as a butcher and shopkeeper.

Marina was at one point accused of attempting to poison the young Lordling Seviglio Agrapulia when he discovered that the fish he bought from her "was rotten". He demanded that she pay him one hundred sligs for his silence and forgiveness, which she did.


Personal traits

She had many powerful friends through her partying nature, including the Ratguard lieutenant Yulin.

Perhaps unsurprisingly, she was very fond of Merrywine.

Business model

Her most popular product were the Candymoles, which consisted of a crunchy piece of moleflesh baked in a delicious honey glaze. Candymoles have gotten so popular that they've even replaced biscuits and muffins for most rats who partake in a regular teatime. Lord Montrigo Agrapulia was one of her regular customers, having gained a sweet tooth for the little treats. Another popular product of hers seemed to be the more uncommon ferriter.

Interestingly enough, despite being downtrodden and abused by upper-class rats, she was often depended on to support them. They were, after all, her most well-paying customers.

Physical traits

Marina owned a yellow dress that she sometimes wore to parties, and was known to be quite the rascal when she did.