Mirt, also known as the "Mirtese Republic", is a democracy run by a vole president. In an attempt to restore their previous language, the president and his council had Common Tongue, and any other foreign languages, illegalized. Newcomers to the country are informed of this as they enter the country, and are issued a complimentary dictionary and guidebook.

Speaking any language but Mirtese while within Mirt is punishable by exile from the country.

Known Mirtese

Hyphrinet, a plump female vole who serves as an endangered servant and prisoner-of-war to Captain Ayid, in the city of Anak. She was captured during the Sixth Battle of Anak, when the Mirtese and Asckon beast forces were forced to retreat from Kaiantor after a bloody battle with the rat soldiers under the command of the newly-made Emperor Sligvere. Hyphrinet served as a firevole, a soldier who worked the fire-throwers the Mirtese employed during the war with Kaiantor. She was a gift to Ayid from the previous captain, Halvral.