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"If it's bad or it's mad, it's a Moonreacher."

Moonreach (also Moon's Reach) is a kingdom in the northwest of Aianar. It is one of several mid-to-northwestern nations in the region where Moon worship is a nationally-accepted practice.
For centuries it was under the firm rule of the Rivenand dynasty, cemented by their destruction of all rivals in the Solstice Massacres, although more recently a succession crisis has emerged following the disappearance of King Rastmir X.



In accordance with Ariili legend, Moonreach was founded when knights from Brijantaar made their way into the mountains in their crusade against the Weeping God, which they banished into the Ariili Sea.
Afterward, they split up the lands they had freshly claimed between them: one of those knights became the Moondancer Prince of Crescent; a southern knight in the company named Iavin of House Waivenry formed his own kingdom of Moonreach, referring to himself as the Silver Prince; other knights in the company formed the County of Listery and Temarin.

Under the Silver Prince

Feudal subterfuge

Rivenand dynasty



Unlike the more traditional rovanates to the east and in the Steppes to the north, Moonreach is a kingdom, and has been so ever since the first Ivenand king forcibly installed himself on the throne.
Together with Crescent, it is more southern-influenced than its Moonish neighbors, and some resulting degree of disapproval and even distrust exists between them.

Foreign relations


Cities and towns