Rorke, also known as the Isle of Rorke, is a small island nation at the far south tip of Aianar. It is a known source of timber. It seems to be largely populated by otters, particularly sea otters. It is ruled by an otter often called the Rorke of House Rorke, as it has always been and presumably always be.

As of FE 21, King Rychart Rorke sits upon the throne. The royal family includes the eldest son Seltan, a middleborn son named Finnan, youngest son Lyre, and a daughter, Cilla.

Rorke was once conquered by the First Empire, and renamed Belone. Rorke became its own country again following the end of the Empire's power in the Commonlands and Summering. This is a highly controversial topic amongst Rorkish, however, and is often pretended (and even believed) by many Rorkish to have never occurred.

Main Exports

  • Timber
  • Alcohol (such as grog)
  • Fish
  • Pearls
  • Shellfish
  • Wheat (limited)
  • Bread (limited)