Born: prior to FE 1
Nationality: Kaiantoran
Weapon: Spear
Status: Living

Tharra was a thin, sly-faced female gray-rat with a shifty look about her and a large chip in her ear.
She served as a Devil's Advocate for the Anaki Ratguard at Hellgate Prison, and attempted to sell Dran's corpse for a mere seventeen sligs to the butcher Marina before his supposed execution had even taken place.
She was present when Dran attempted to see his imprisoned former master Rorna one last time, and helped alert the other Advocates to protect Gaoler when the badger became temporarily menacing.
She also helped defend Gaoler when she, Gaoler, Captain Ayid, Leione, Salda, Galba, and Rorqin were heading to Dran's prison cell and the aforementioned Ayid seized the prisonmaster by the throat in a characteristic moment of blind rage.

Tharra and Gaoler were two of a pawful of people who sold Marina and other butchers the corpses they needed to make their wares.

Personal traits

Tharra spoke Common Tongue in a strange, broken accent, prompting some to suggest she might have not originally been from Kaiantor.

She seemed to hold a deep respect and loyalty toward Gaoler, defending him on numerous occasions and standing up to Captain Ayid despite the rat being bigger and in a higher position of power. She also seemed to enjoy Gaoler's company, spending most of her time in the first cell room chatting with him and playing games of dice.

In contrast, Tharra harbored a deep dislike for Captain Ayid and Dran Boldstripe, having seen them as disrespectful, annoying, and a threat to her boss Gaoler and herself.